Installing and configuring a PostgreSQL database

Step 1: Install the PostgreSQL client

To use Swift-Kuery-PostgreSQL you need to have the appropriate PostgreSQL C-language client installed.


On macOS we can use Homebrew to install Postgres:

brew install postgresql


On Linux we can use apt to install PostgreSQL:

sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib

Linux requires that you create a PostgreSQL user.

Step 2: Create a PostgreSQL database

Now that we have PostgreSQL installed we can create a database:

createdb bookstoredb

Then we can open the PostgreSQL command-line interface:

psql bookstoredb

Finally we can create a table in our database:

CREATE TABLE "BookTable" (
      id varchar(100) PRIMARY KEY,
      title text NOT NULL,
      price float8 NOT NULL,
      genre text NOT NULL

Enter \q in terminal to exit psql.

Now we're ready to connect to our database from our Kitura server.

Step 3: Create a connection to a PostgreSQL database

Add Swift-Kuery and SwiftKueryPostgreSQL to the dependencies in the Package.swift file.

Inside the file which defines the routes, KueryRoutes.swift, import SwiftKuery and SwiftKueryPostgreSQL:

import SwiftKuery
import SwiftKueryPostgreSQL

Inside the App extension, create a connection pool of connections:

static let poolOptions = ConnectionPoolOptions(initialCapacity: 1, maxCapacity: 5)
static let pool = PostgreSQLConnection.createPool(host: "localhost", port: 5432, options: [.databaseName("bookstoredb")], poolOptions: poolOptions)
// Create table instance here

This creates a pool of connections for us to use to make requests to our database.

If you are on Linux, you must provide your username and password in the options for PostgreSQLConnection.createPool().

Now you can return to the Swift-Kuery guide.